Modified From our Certificate of Incorporation:

          ┼ Chapel is a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit started in 2012. 
 The ongoing Mission of Transfiguration Chapel is to institute Christian centered motivational events as well as educational and health programs. Our long-term goal is to establish an actual “Program Center” in a facility. Our primary objective is to help lead poor and marginalized citizens towards full restoration and re-establishment into the community with purpose and value. We do this by way of our individual and all-inclusive Music, Arts and Health Ministries. This includes various outreaches especially into Prisons, Homeless Shelters and other open venues within the community served.

Picture taken at

House of Mercy Rochester NY
where we do ongoing homeless outreach



(585) 485-0164


12 Bittersweet Dr. Rochester, NY 14625

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